This is real.  This is emotional. This is your LIFE. And LIFE isn't perfect.

We are making art.  This is that timeless gushy stuff that REALLY matters.  This is for the people who know their kid's are growing up way too fast.  This art is for those people who want to hold them closer because they know it won't last forever.  This is for those individuals who, after living in this life, realize that every moment is undeniably precious.  This is for those people who are looking for something unique and perfect to represent their life in this moment, in this special time.  It's for those people who want a visual representation of the beautiful memories they are making TODAY.  For those who KNOW it is the MOST important visual looking glass into the past when all of these moments fade into a blurry memory.  It is for YOU, that I make this kind of art.  It is custom.  I will be certain you love what you take away from this experience.  You will enjoy these memories for as long as you live.  And your children will enjoy what we create for as long as they live...

I want to see every eyelash on my child's beautiful face.  I want to see them sobbing when things aren't perfect.  I want to see them light up when all things are right and good.  I want to see a piece of me in his smile, and a piece of his daddy when I look into his eyes.  I want to see all of my boys in as much detail as the greatest technology and art will allow me to see.  I want this for me.  And I want this for you.

It is my hope that you FEEL a connection to these images and they SPEAK to the depths of your soul.

Your family.  Your child.  You.. Are my perfect art.  I want to photograph Sarah and her innocent smile.  I want to photograph Ethan in his spunky, quirkiness.  I want to photograph the mother, who is still beautiful even though she is tired and needed so much.  So, I need to know what your family likes to do together.  I need to know what your kiddos are all about.  I want to know if they like certain colors, if your home is decorated a certain way... I want to get to know YOU.  Because when I know more about YOU... I can make art that makes a personal connection to you.  I can make something that you love forever.  You will forever look into the eyes of your child, mother, wife, husband, father, grandparent...and see THEM.

Okay.. shake it off.. get it together.