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I am an artist located in Carroll County near Chillicothe, Missouri. I own a boutique portrait studio in the suburbs of our tiny town.  I create custom wall images designed specifically for you and your space. I photograph children, families, babies, seniors, and I design custom art for your home. I can assist you with your home decor and styling your session.

I was a fine art major in college and ended up with a teaching degree with art certification and a master's in administration.  The fine art path led me to where I am today.  I enjoy making life pretty. I drew a swing set when I was two. I still draw and paint with my kids. I currently teach art to grades K-12. Our family lives on a cattle farm. We love gator rides and tractor rides. That's special family time for us. I love teaching so much and I appreciate the opportunity to create art for so many families. I am blessed to love what I do.

You should know..I have three insanely active boys... They are quite full of energy. They can also be the sweetest, kindest little people on this planet. So.. I guess you could say.. I have patience. (well.. most of the time)

Soooo....Life is nuts. We all live in a craziness that is our own. I am here to capture the present. Moments pass quickly. Take a deep breath and relax. I want to capture your special moment for all of time. You love your family. You love your craziness as much as I love mine.

Create a family legacy. Your family deserves that.

My specialty is creating gorgeous custom wall concepts for your home. I am also a home decor nut so you are in for a real treat. I delight in exceeding your expectations :)

As a mom I know this: Cheerios stick to your feet, most boo boos heal, and pictures tell your story. You should FEEL something special when you look at your walls.

Sit back and enjoy the ride. It's your story. How should we tell it?


When you want to remember the best moments.  Only the best will do. 

Thanks for browsing.

Contact me at 660-542-4037