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They are this little ONCE

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One Year Plan:

Baby Album + Digital Plan:   

Digital Files and Year End Album 

  • PLAN Includes THREE FULL SESSIONS.  Includes Newborn, Six month, and One year.  Includes custom baby album after final session.  
  • Must complete all three sessions within the first year. 
  • Each session is $650.  
  • Payment due at each session. Payment goes toward included album and session.
  • Each includes about 40 edited digital files in a downloadable gallery, and print release for all edited images from each session. (If you prefer wall products please let me know) 
  • Includes family and siblings.
  • Includes ONE album at the end of the first year 


Full Newborn Studio Session only

$675 Full Session Fee is collected at the time of session and includes the following:

  • A product credit of $450 (About 2-3 hours shooting time. Allows more time for posing)

  • 50+ images
  • Consultation with Cindy 

  • Creative time to photograph your family 

  • A professional edit of your portrait session

  • Online gallery

  • Your View and Order Session with Cindy to select products 



Simple Newborn Studio Session only

$550 Regular Session Fee is collected at the time of session and includes the following:

  • A product credit of $350

  • 30+ images (One hour shoot) (Quick shoot with baby)

  • Consultation with Cindy 

  • Creative time to photograph your family 

  • A professional edit of your portrait session

  • Online gallery

  • Your View and Order Session with Cindy to select products 



Maternity Session  

$500 Regular Session Fee is collected at the time of session and includes the following


  • About 40 images 

  • Includes: A product credit ($350)

  • Creative time to photograph  (1 hr) 

  • A professional edit of your portrait session

  • Your View and Order Session with Cindy to select products or Online gallery



Choice of Digital and Archival Products:

  • Gift Prints
  • Mounted Boutique Prints
  • Custom-Designed Albums
  • Digital Access + Value Prints
  • Custom wall design service
  • Custom Frames and Canvas 
  • Product Credit is used on custom wall items and/or digital access or both.  




Contact Cindy for details and session consultation.  

Baby album: 






framed wall prints cindy harperframed wall prints cindy harper




What to create?

No worries.  I will help you with that.  We are widely known for our wall groupings and custom wall displays.  That is everyone's favorite thing.  You want a Pinterest wall too, right?  OF COURSE!!  We can figure out what is best for you no matter which path you choose.  I'm here to help.  We can build a wall grouping that works for you over time or deck out the house all at once.  You'll love it more as time goes by.  Please allow plenty of time for custom orders as I am limited in availability for these.  Thanks for understanding.


Great News!

I have lots of baby props.  Some people bring things in as well. You do not need to purchase any items or bring anything special unless you want to or it is something meaningful to you that you wish to bring.  We will discuss what you may want to wear for your sessions.  Otherwise, new baby is covered :)  I do occasionally  have things that older siblings can wear as well so please ask if you are interested in adding something I already have.  It's nice to know ahead of time so we can see if I have something that will work.  I want this to be as stress free for you as possible.  I will likely have you wear either black, gray, or beige, white or cream to keep things simple so baby is the main attraction.  Sometimes I may even wrap some kind of fabric around you to "make" something ourselves.  It's a creative process.

I like to keep parents and siblings very simple. You can wear light colors for a clean simple look or dark colors for a moody classic feel. Many clients like gray, tan, cream, browns for their clothing.  Keep it simple and baby will be the main attraction.  


Most of all try to relax and enjoy your baby.  Their smallness goes so quickly.  They grow up fast.  Let them be little.  I will keep your memories safe.  I keep snacks and drinks for  my clients so you have something to keep you going :)  We are in this together.  We will work to create a beautiful art and memory for all of time.  I love what I do.  And....I've had three kiddos myself.. ask me anything.  I am happy to help. 



Newborn and Infant Safety - 

What precautions are taken to ensure my baby is safe?  


  • I will thoroughly wash my hands and use hand sanitizer prior to handling your baby and whenever we take a break during your session.
  • If I have any cold or flu symptoms, I will notify you as soon as possible before your session.  I will refund your session fee if I am unable to photograph your newborn within two weeks following your scheduled session.  At your request, I can refer another photographer for newborn photos and transfer the session fee to him/her if you do not wish to wait.  
  • I will not pose your infant in any glass or ceramic objects.  These objects are subject to shattering and can cause serious injury.
  • I do safe poses only in a position that is comfortable for your baby.
  • All newborns are unique and I will find what your baby is comfortable with.
  • No poses are guaranteed as all babies are different. 
  • I will not suspend your baby above the ground, a pillow, or cushion, in a cloth, hammock or any other prop.   Though there are ways to do these photos safely with Photoshop, I like to keep baby as comfy as possible and if it is not achieved naturally I don't like to do it. If there is a pose that you have seen I will take a look at it and see if it is something I think we can do safely.
  • Baskets and other props that may become unstable will be weighted down inside with  weights and/or be held steady with your hands, later to be edited out. You will be my spotter. I choose safe positions, not trendy.  Unless your baby easily goes into one of those difficult poses.
  • Any time a baby is posed on a table, stool, or bench, an adult will be present within six inches from the baby and will later be edited out of the photo.  
  • I don't want to pose your baby against a pet.  Animals are unpredictable.  We can however, get photos of your baby and pet together in photoshop! 
  • I thoroughly clean and sanitize all props and soiled linens after each session. 
  • Though I take every precaution to keep your baby safe, the responsibility of your infant's safety is your own.  I encourage you to speak up if anything makes you uncomfortable during your session.  No photo is worth your precious baby's health and life.  
  • Please feel free to ask questions.

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