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My other love is home remodel.  Before and after.  I love to see the transformations.  But I'm REALLY BAD at remembering to take the "before" photos on my own stuff.  Not cool.  I promise I dug one out so you could see.  


IMG_5822 cindyharper homeIMG_5822 cindyharper home I'm a pretty huge fan of Joanna Gaines and Magnolia Home... 

Hence, the ever changing "Cindy Harper Home...".

I usually have a pretty giant list going.  The "summer" list.  The "weekend" list.... The "well, whatever"....list....Main thing on the list was: the gallery wall.  Once again..  it was perfectly FINE as it was.  I KNOW....BUT....I really wanted to move some of my framed pieces down the stairs and the job seemed a bit overwhelming...even for me.  I knew I wanted to paint some of the frames I already had and was thinking I would add some new ones as well.  

Apparently I have enough frames ALL around my house to fill ridiculous amounts of space.  I always end up with extra frames that come in that have been damaged or they quit making that style or the company goes out of business or I put it in my storage room and say "some day"...  Some day is NOW.  

Once I start something I don't really like to leave it sitting in limbo too long.  I just go like a mad person until it looks okay enough to walk away.  I can't stop.  So, I dug through my storage room and I painted some of the frames I already had and I just went with it.  Maybe I will replace some of them eventually?  Not even sure on that one.  I ended up liking most of my frames after painting them so I'm not sure I NEED to get anything new but the WANT is still there!  Soooo...

You can always reuse frames you already have!  It CAN be done!  Paint is your friend!!  I used some spray paint and chalk paint on these.  Some of them I left alone.  Some of these I am not sure where they even came from...


The wall:  Tahh - Daaaahhh ----

IMG_5824IMG_5824 IMG_5823IMG_5823

The letters across the wall: "FAMILY" I picked up at Wal-Mart and painted black.  Several of the frames are no longer available but I'm sure you have frames in your house you can't purchase again as well.  It was a fun project and I was SO happy to finally get it finished!!  The stairwell has had a transformation as well since I was hoping to trail the other images down the stairs...I also picked up a few signs at Hobby Lobby to add to the mix.  I have already switched out a few of these pics with some updated images.  That's the great thing about a gallery wall.. you can switch out images and leave the gallery in place!!  


This was before... sort of..  I had slightly changed it a few times before.. 

IMG_4745IMG_4745 IMG_4742IMG_4742 IMG_6344IMG_6344 IMG_5769IMG_5769


There you have it!  The gallery wall re-make!  It's a work in progress.  

I have had a super busy summer making awesome images for client's home decor which has been so perfect....and now that the school year is beginning I am filling up my available spots for fall sessions.  I am almost as booked as I need to be for fall but I have a few days left!!

Looking forward to a great school year!!

Call me if you still need a spot :)





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The Kitchen was on My Summer Bucket List Kitchen Reveal!! 

I have really enjoyed some breathing room this past year!  Steady work and enough time to paint my whole kitchen!!??  Let's not get too crazy, I think the kitchen took me about four days.  I wanted it DONE!!  Yes!  It's the therapy I needed!   I HAVE to recharge. Don't you?   I do it by working like a mad woman...on my house.  As soon as school was out I painted the whole thing.  It was on the summer bucket list and I wasn't letting that one go.  

It's taken me a little while to find my happy-place balance holding down two jobs, but I think I am working it out rather well.  I still get to do what I love on the many ends of my artistry rainbow.  Mommy-ing, Photography-ing, art teacher-ing, and redecorating....

and Dwight says if I could find a third job he's fine with that.  ??   What?

I'm so lucky to have so many things I love to's a blessing and a curse.  Here's the kitchen!!


kitchen17_3236kitchen17_3236cindy harper home










Ahhhh.  I just love a light kitchen.   Maybe you don't.  But I sure like the light and airy feel and not so many heavy wood tones.  (I actually hate my floors LESS, so that's a plus.)  The cabinets had really darkened over time and I was ready for this change!




I know (technically) my cabinets were perfectly fine (but not exciting) and so I struggled with this one.  I wanted to paint them for quite a while but really didn't want to start it, and I wasn't sure if I should even do it.   It's kind of a big deal!   I happen to love the fresh look and I'm glad I went for it!  Now, if I can just leave it alone... The cool kitchen-y things they have NOW!  Dream...




Here is the before... Don't judge.  Maybe you love finished wood.  I'm just no longer a fan in this case.  Gone with dark side!!




kitchen17_9644kitchen17_9644the dark cabinets cindy harper home


I always say if you don't love it any more then you should paint it.  I've painted pretty much everything in my house and I love it more every single time.  I bought lots of scratch-and-dent furniture that didn't really make me happy, but it filled my empty home... a fresh coat of paint sure makes a difference.  Try it out.  It's worth it.






Another thing on my mind... Availability...




I've been asked several times lately if I quit photography..  No, I sure didn't!   I am still available!  I just needed to cut back to find sanity in my new schedule. I could not keep going at the pace I was.  Apparently, too much of anything can make you crazy! 








Now, I am booking what I am comfortable with which seems to be working out great!!  






I have found balance.  






When I'm booked... I'm booked.  But most definitely still here!




I absolutely love the opportunity to create keepsakes for families and I don't know if I could ever give that up completely.  I just have to do what I need to do to be available for my family when they need me.  You may have a longer wait... but I still love seeing your face:)   You must book in advance.  


I've actually booked a few spring 2018.  It's never too early.  






Thanks to my happy clients and simply "word of mouth" I have never struggled to find work.  I sure don't want anyone to get the idea that I quit completely!  I could never.  We just have to work harder to keep a happy calendar.   




Honestly, thanks to my awesome clients, who work so well with me and are so flexible,  this has been an easy transition.  Thank you.  I could not do both without your help. 






Go paint something... 












































































We are making this two job thing work!!


































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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Naked and broken... barbie color page cindy harperbarbie color page cindy harperCindy Harper crayons The journey to here...

I was teaching a lesson the other day at school about blending colors together using crayons and when I finished creating my example (which was just sketches and not really finished at all) the students were fighting over who could use MY crayons for their project.  They wanted my crayons because their thought was that I had just created something they thought was wonderful with those exact tools.  So, if they used those same tools, they too would find success!  


Well those tools were the same ratty crayons buried in a pile of "naked and broken" crayons that everyone for years have been sharing.  You know the kind... labels gone,  speckled with every other flake of color from the others surrounding it... But even so, MY crayons were apparently special.  


It got me thinking...  You know people have been attempting to mimic great artists for centuries.  We yearn to find the "secret sauce" that makes what they do seem so easy.  People re-create masterpieces all the time.  We yearn to get inside their heads and think like them.  

Over the years, I have answered the same question many times over... "What camera should I buy?"  

It almost doesn't even matter to be honest...  They are all pretty good these days.  Most people want it for their children who play sports.  

What matters more is that you learn how to use it.  

The camera used to be a magical black box with a steep learning curve.  Photography was a mystery.  Then digital came along.  My, oh my, have things changed quickly!!  When I began this photography journey over 10 years ago something that actually bothered me was the fact that I was able to start a business with absolutely no official training whatsoever.  Seemed a little weird...Was it really possible?  I had no idea what I was doing when I began.  I just happened to make a handful of decent images of my own kid and people noticed.  It sort of fell into my lap.  So I had to learn quickly.  It probably wasn't the smartest way to begin, but I'm being honest.  Just like the hundreds of other people giving it a go... people told me I had an "eye."   I was a fine art major after all, and so I guess I felt like I would get a handle on it.  It was just another tool.  All of my fine art training didn't teach me how to use this digital "box," or how to run a successful and profitable business.  

But I knew ART.. if I could just figure out this "black box."  


I had to look for information to guide me through the digital unknown. I had to find out how to use my new "crayon".   


Well dig is certainly what I did.  I dove in with both feet.  In fact, I, too, thought that perhaps there was a shinier crayon in a newer and more polished box.  I loved the idea of this medium so much and was truly fascinated by what was possible with a digital camera that I signed up for every learning event I could afford.  I'm still learning.  (If you ever think you have mastered this craft you are wrong.  You must never stop learning.)  Information was much harder to come across ten years ago, but I found it.  I read books and took online classes and traveled to events and workshops...  Read books on business and marketing.  I learned that I had a lot to learn.  

All the while.. I was sharpening my "broken and naked" crayon.  


It took me a while to get a good grip on my "broken and naked crayon" and finally figure out what was possible with it.   I will tell you what kind of camera I's a black one.  Many believed, and still do, that the camera is what creates art.  You see... what I SEE is part of the creation.  What know about light and color and composition is part of the creation.  We all  NOTICE different things from the next person with the same camera.  The camera is my tool.  I tell my camera what to do.  And... I could tell your camera what to do as well.  I am the art... Not the camera.  The camera is my crayon.  I learned what was possible with my "crayon." I pushed my "crayon" to the limit.  I made it work for me.  You see, I learned to "color" in a whole new way.   I, I am the one who made mistakes along the way, mistakes with my camera, with my business, but I, I am the one, who, after learning my camera and it's functions...I am still the art maker.  

And here's the can have the same tools.  


Give me a polished, perfectly new crayon straight from the box, or a naked and broken one from under the couch... I will make art for you.. because I, I am the person who makes the art.  The designer of the set, the color chooser, the idea master.   I have the props and the lights and the knowledge and ability. I am the person behind the black box.  And that, THAT is the most important ingredient.  

There are good crayons and bad crayons... but if you know what you are doing.. you can make something great with either one.  

Of course, my gear was a massive investment as was my education and accessories...  But what I am saying is you could make great things with less.. if needed. You can, indeed, DIY your own photography session...  Not everyone wants to... Not everyone has mastered the tool.  But, information is EVERYWHERE and it's totally possible to get great images at home with a little patience.  Try out your broken crayons.  We all need better images of our day to day. 

What's the secret sauce then?  Time. Time makes you better.  Study art... Learn the gear inside and out.  Practice.  There is no other way. 

Don't throw away the broken crayons.  They are fine.

I guess what I'm saying is...  I am an art maker...It's what I do.  It's always been who I am...  Camera, or no camera...   It's such a major part of me that I am not sure who I am without it.  The camera is one of my many tools...  But so are a million other things. Most images of my kids are taken with my iPhone.  

Why? The VERY best camera is the one you have with you...  Use the tools you have, they aren't broken. 


You are my art!  

I am booking just enough sessions to make me feel artistically fulfilled...  And it is SO awesome!  I have some time with my kiddos again!! There are a limited number of spring sessions left.

Thanks to all my super understanding clients!  You guys rock!! 


I feel human again.



I'm already booking fall 2017.  


Spring is almost full. And it's not even warm yet.  


Cheers and happy coloring.










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What have I done? What am I doing?  

I wrote this a LONG while back and just never hit publish.  I'm always hesitant to give people too many details...I'm a pretty super extreme private person. But here goes..


So... this thing we call life.. has sort of taken over...and this "time" thingy just keeps flying forward like we're all riding on a rocket/spaceship/whatever.  I mean... the world seems to move slowly as we look out our window at all these beautiful moments and then we turn around and we have blindly traveled millions of miles.. You know.. like THAT. (finger snap)  


Everyone tells you when you have kids to "slow down" and "enjoy it."  "It goes so fast" they say.  "You're going to miss this" they tell me.  Yes.  Yes, I will.  I KNOW how much I am going to miss this.  It makes me sick when I think about it. 


Guys.. I have been missing it.  


Big time.


harper_6443 copy2harper_6443 copy2


Sometimes you have to get slapped in the face with a "reality" check/job offer.  You have to open your eyes and really take a hard look at what you are doing and WHERE you ARE and if THIS is really what you intended to happen..??  Is this what you wanted?


Ever done that?


Well I sort of had an “Aha” moment.  I worked more hours last year (actually fall 2015) than I thought was humanly possible and I got really, REALLY tired and really, REALLY burned out.  I worked part-time at the school every day and still continued full-time in my photo biz...I took more clients than EVER last year... everyone thought I was nuts and I did too.  I'm pretty sure my kids thought I was a zombie. MAYBE I WAS.  Hey...Time marches on... Well.. it just about got me totally down


I mean DOWN.  


The really crazy thing is..


I decided to go back to teaching... full time.  


WAIT ...what?




Well...I hadn't planned on it.  This photo thing is my dream job right?  














Is it?

Oh man..




Let me tell you something.  It hit me one day when I came home from (part time)  teaching and I looked at the pile (PILE) of work that I had ahead of me (you know the highly misunderstood crazy work that photographers do that people just don't seem to understand so I quit explaining it) I walked past my laundry and housework (as always) and started working on my load of work "stuff" and I cried.  I cried like a BIG FAT baby because I realized that the job I loved so much was the job that drained every fiber of my being.  My creative cup was totally empty.  I pour SO much heart and soul into it every single day. I worked WAY more hours than I got paid for. You know what? I will NEVER catch up.  SO much TIME involved in this.  Sometimes I forget I am still working.  Whoops...  My child fell asleep next to my computer... again….  Pack child to bed.  Whoops.. We didn’t eat supper AGAIN.  It is a "LIFE COST" and it's very real... An unspoken truth of running a business. Yes, I'm in control of my calendar is now in charge of me? There's only so many hours in the day.  I miss family and major events ALL the TIME.


Guys I miss it... ALL the time!  




I don't even have recent photos of my kids.. these are from last year.

Running this business means I eat, sleep and breathe it. It consumes me. I don't take days off. I don't take weekends and holidays off. I work weird hours. I am the last person to get paid!!  


There is a struggle between overbooking and keeping a roof over your head-- 


When things slowed down over the winter months last winter and the dust settled on "crazy"... I started to realize that I actually didn't mind going to my normal job so much.. it was the deadlines hanging over my head from my own business that kept me stressed out and crazy. It was me overbooking my session days and paying for it all week. It was the mounds of boxes sitting in my house.  You know...Like everyday is Christmas. The frames stacked on my dining room table.  The computer malfunctions, equipment upkeep. The full "inbox".  The bills.  The juggle. The struggle.  The unknown future.  Where is this headed?  I left for work when my kids came home.  I was waking up every Saturday and Sunday and working all day and night of the weekend.  Who can find a babysitter for 15 hours a day?  What?  Is that even real?  It was an "aha". It really was.  I kind of got used to the hustle and kept my nose in my work and forgot to notice that although I love what I do I am sacrificing far too many LIFE moments.  


I thought it was everything ELSE that was my problem. I don't think so.  I'm not a superhero.  Well.. except when I wear a mask :)


I realized that in order to support my family with this business I created I was going to have to continue to work every night and weekend and holiday from now to eternity just to make ends meet..(you know, when my kids are HOME)  And then I need to find time to EDIT ALL of THAT...wade through the sales tax quarterly..bla bla bla.. and for what?  My dream? Where is all this headed?  Do we really KNOW?  Photography as a business is changing quickly.  Do I really want to totally rely on it?  Oh, the questions. My thoughts are everywhere. 


It wasn't my plan.  I didn't think it was my plan..But it happened.  


When the waters part... you try to pay attention.  


So, an art teacher I am, once again.


So, I get to work daylight hours like normal people...  Have vacation days and weekends.  I will have holidays off...I get paid AND I can get kids excited about ART!


Guys, I love photography.  I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY.  Do not misunderstand me.  THAT PART IS AWESOME.  It takes time. It just takes time and loads of money to run an actual honest to goodness photography business. 


I love what I do but when I don't have a day off for 5 months straight that gets very, VERY difficult.    cindyharper_6326cindyharper_6326

So, here we are.  The only way to have more TIME is to work more normal hours (with a paycheck) that ALLOWS me to work LESS weekend hours so I can see my kids more often.  (See them? I love them so much)  I could change my whole business model. I could force people to book weekdays... Or I can work part time.


Guys, I also make more money teaching.  There.  I said it.  It's hard to say it. It's a tough choice but the reality is...It's a business just like any other with lots and lots of expenses. I cannot even tell you how much I have invested in this (on my own by the way). It has taken me YEARS to make a very, very, modest living and one that, after taxes, does not even match my teaching salary. You can't pay your bills with "You are so talented."  For years I made part time-pay on a full-time hours.. hoping I would SOME DAY get there.  Well... I did I guess, but the hours and workload are unbearable... And I'm already the "expensive" photographer. I guess now that I'm here I'm tired.  I'm just plain tired. So, I'm putting my eggs in the basket that feeds my family and I will keep a fabulous part-time business that allows me to be creative with out burning out from extreme over work. At the end of the day it's really hard to say, "I'm just gonna keep trying and see where this goes..."  


Nah.. I have a Master's degree.  I don't need to do that.  


What I have learned: Do not undervalue the privilege and opportunity to earn a paycheck without the struggle and worry that your boss deals with every day. Collecting a paycheck takes a HUGE weight off my shoulders.  Be thankful for a clean paycheck without overhead expenses. 


So, I will have to say “no” sometimes. I will not be available at every moment. No, I will not be working on holidays. No, I will not be available every single weekend.  (Although this fall I booked every weekend for 4 months...whoops it was busy season after all.) I will make fabulous things for those who value my time. I will schedule OFF time. We will slow this ship down a bit and coast in the water.  I can't keep this pace up.  I’m on “drift” guys.  Hit the button with me.. “DRIFT”.  AUTOPILOT...SAVE ME…


I'm not quitting.  I'm slowing down.  So, that I may be present in my own life.  


Slow. Down.


I’m human.  I need retirement, a steady paycheck and insurance. 


Fall appointments were fully booked. December booked also. (Whoops....) 


BUT...We can do this.  It's a new year.  


Keep the dream...slow the pace...


See ya on the flip side.





I'm struggling to find balance.....give me time.  I'm trying to figure out what I can actually handle. I may get it wrong a few times! 



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Blog Day Rambles How is everyone's fall going? So much busy ness around here it's just great!  I am so thankful for all of you fantastic people!  

My day is just like everyone else....

I just get up and work and then I go to work.  And then I play at work and then I work at work and then I paint at work and then I go back to work.  Then I work at home-work and house work and chore work and then I do the bedtime routine work fix cereal for supper again work and then I try to work out and then of course I get back up and go to work and then go to my other work and then come home from one work and go to my other work and then on the weekends I wake up and work before I go to work....and work on getting things done before I go to work again.  


It feels like August hit and tomorrow is Christmas.   I did hear Christmas music at Wal-Mart guys...  So it must be okay to do that now.  


  I'm still waking up at 4 a.m. and trying to function like a normal person.  My hat's off to people who wake put this early all the time. The other day I had to get up at 3:30 cause let's face it... when you wake up before the alarm you might as well go to work.  Good thing my babies don't get up at night so much any more. I mean just occasionally when the boogie man comes in and spooks up the night air and I end up with a kicker in my bed.  Just my kidney side guys it's no big deal.  I don't need rest.  


Holy moly I must make it through fall.  Must. Make. It.   Fall is fabulous guys!  I'm tired.  But it is fabulous thing.  

So many wonderful sessions.. people having babies, people getting married, senior-itis people and people who are one, littles who are two, and families who just grew and grew!  So many reasons to keep the memories forever.  

Having a blast with you all.  So worth it.


Enjoy the fall guys.  You may not see me often, but I am making some cool stuff lots of peeps. 


Let's start booking  December guys.   Fall is so last month.  


Oh yeah.. the adorable child that is perfect, shiny and new... You don' t want to just read my terrible ramblings without something to look at...  LOOK at HER! OMG!





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Favorite Friends Do your kids have that special little stuffed "friend" they take everywhere?


My middle little guy has a monkey.  Monkey has been in every sandbox, tractor, driveway and car ride we've ever been on or in. Bleached by the sun and frayed from so much love.  We took him on vacation with us and lost him at the airport.  That's another story... :( 


This little gal loves her bunny that much.  Bunny is the one who comforts and heals when things go wrong.


Well.. she was getting tired at this point.. and of course these are the moments I find beautiful and captivating...  Because in every moment, there is something beautiful that escapes.  These are the moments we can never ever forget.


I think I feel better just watching her hug that bunny! :)



I will treasure always the little monkey my little guy loves.  I have since purchased an identical monkey from eBay to fill the void... he seems to have done the job.  We told him he was "cleaned up"... he knows better but he was happy to have him back.  He is making new scars on Monkey #2.


It just warms your heart to see kiddos find relief when they snuggle their little "friend".  It is a glorious moment that deserves to be remembered. 



FYI this month is absolutely nuts.  I need a little "friend" myself.  A brown paper bag to breathe in maybe?  I promise I am working on your projects.  

I just need to be cloned.  I am waking up at 4 a.m. to try to put more hours in my day and I still can't keep up guys. 


There are only so many days that the trees of fall give us this beautiful backdrop... I cram things together a little tight this time of year.. It will get better...


I have had to do a bit of rescheduling, so always be sure to check with me.. you never know.  



Booking late November and December if you are interested.  


Call or text me:











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Nap anyone? Yes please... Seriously... these guys have the most adorable miracle baby don't they?  Such a little dream.  It was a rainy day but who can tell?  Nice and cozy..

aidenNB-8676 copyaidenNB-8676 copy


This fall I have booked about every nook and cranny I can utilize.   So now I'm writing sideways to squeeze people in.  Just be warned that I may or may not be able to find a spot for you.  But I always look for an option!  Just give me a shout and see if there is a spot that works for you!


We are booking November. 

Is it Christmas yet? 



Thanks for looking!  aidenNB-8350aidenNB-8350


Have a good one...

 Call or text   660-542-4037

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What's up with the studio? I had to make a choice!  UGH!  I hate that.  Decisions are difficult.  So I have battled this thought in my mind a million buh-jillian times (as my little guys say)... and I finally decided to have two studios.  Yes... TWO.  Don't freak out.. I'm trying not to! 

Many of you know I have had some serious water issues in the basement of the farmhouse studio.  The furnace has been replaced twice and other parts replaced a few times.  Basically, there is ALWAYS an issue.  I am not putting another new furnace in this hundred-something year-old house that holds heat like... an old tent with open ends.  The flooding is costly to repair by itself and that doesn't include the new furnace system... AGAIN.  So...  it will be my natural light, fair weather studio.  If you can tolerate the heat and cold... we will use it!  And to be honest... it's almost always nice enough (temperature wise) to use it.   So it will most certainly get used.  I love it too much to not use it. 

I'm just not gonna buy a furnace or tear out the basement to add a drain system... :(


So what do we do NOW?  Well.. When it's cold, or super hot, or just dark and nasty... We go to my home studio!  It's all ready to go!  The entire basement is yours! It worked perfectly before so why not bring it back to the homestead?  So far it has been working great!  Aside from me forgetting which house I left something in...  I am excited about being able to use both locations. So far it has been a good transition.  SEE...

On a side note.. I am also the new part-time Librarian at our school.  Holy Moly!  Can I find another hat to wear?  I need more! More!! Yowza's going to be a busy fall!  I do have a handful of spots left on the calendar.  And by handful.. I mean.. basically... well... a handful. 


Yep.  I'm tired.


Can't wait to see my fall peeps on the calendar! 


And... at the studio.. Christmas starts.... NOW...

Wanna see the new studio space?   You can see more under the "welcome" tab on my website.  Or just come and see me :)


Call or text  660-542-4037

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I'm doing something crazy Some of you got this email but if you didn't here it is!!!

I am going to do something crazy. 

Something I have been wanting to do but never schedule it to be done.  Every year I tell myself to do it. 

See.. I am a procrastinator on some things.  Things that require asking for help.  (Okay maybe a few more things..)  I just put it off into the future project bin.  And then I never do it.  Do you do that?  I have big ideas.  But I have no follow through. 

I have other things on my plate so I let it slide.  

So here goes...

I will be offering "Couch" sessions this July.  The event will be a mini shoot in a cozy outdoor area on my gorgeous white couch that I never use!!!  (It's lonely)


‚ÄčThis is the chair version of the couch to be hauled outside....

(No worries.. I couldn't even drag out a couch image from the archives so you get the chair...) 



I can't pull the couch out very often you see.  It's kind of massive and freakishly heavy and my husband hates it when I ask.."You think you could move the couch outside for me?"  Grrrrrrrrrr.  "Sure honey..." ---- No-couch-later --- I can take a hint. 

But this time.. I am making an event for the couch.  It has a special place to be.  It will be nestled in my cozy outdoor area. 


The sessions will be on Sunday the 19th of July. 

The fee is 295.00

You will receive a 200 credit and an online gallery or in-person consultation if desired.

This session is limited to 6 people.  You will get 15 images on a disk with this session. 

Offer expires once fully booked.  


These won't last long.  Call me maybe?

660-542-4037  text or call :)


I am currently booking fall appointments.  It's already time to start thinking about it!!  I am already super excited about this fall! So many families I can't wait to see!!  So excited!  Various session types are available.

check out some of the stuff we've been creating...


My hand painted frames are a HUGE hit!!  You have to see them.


Thanks for stopping by...

Talk soon,




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Photoshoot never published This was in my pile of blog posts that never got published.  My boys have already grown...Time flies... 


My boys get sick of my camera.  It's like this horrible "thing" that I drag out and hold in front of them. 

They run and yell,

"No mommy"...

Don't take   Pik- tooos!"

(They say that as I am going out the door to take your photos too.  No worries.. they do have fun while I'm gone.)

I will admit... I don't grab my "big guns" as often as I should.  It requires a lot of work.  I have to be sure I don't delete my client's images so I save and re-save them a couple billion times and then I shoot mine.  I am paranoid. 

It's like the cobbler's son....Who has no shoes...

And I've had a water leak in an outdoor faucet for over a year (and my hubby fixes water leaks..hmmm)

SO, I took TIME.  You don't have time.. You MAKE time.  It's a hard thing to remember.

I'm not saying I don't take quite a few pics.. I do...but it's probably less than people think.  

It's a serious job.  But well worth the effort.

Here's a little visual of my boys taking photos.  This is what happens.  I embrace the crazy once I lose them.  That's how we roll.  Kid's don't take well to mean-ness during this kind of thing.  If you're mean.. you will never get the shot you want.  And you may not get it anyway.. but you get something better... THEM... being THEM.

Appreciating my little buddies today by giving them a much deserved timeless gift--  Photos of themselves at this beautiful stage in life for their future... and memories for their momma. 

Good times...

The first five minutes I can maybe get a few quiet, happy shots... then it's all out nutso...Here's what I do: 

I just chase them around...give them a few directions ...and yell at them to run away from bumble bees (there really were a few chasing us)...Then I yell "quit fighting!!"..I say "these are HAPPY MOMENTS!!! YOU guys!!!"  I try to explain that we are just playing...yada yada.. they do what they want... I find moments in what is played out before me...

And.. these are my jewels :)  Ahhhh.



M & M bribery... then I lost them...     We got a great butt shot.


Then they each disappeared slowly...They mentally checked out... So, they went to get more candy...and we headed outside.  See, he's looking outside.. yearning for the outdoors...

Then we played outside... The umbrella was a mower.  We were mowing hay.  duh..   haha


Then we washed off chiggers and had ice-cream...  (We took some images in a field.. that didn't work.  Everyone was mad and itchy.)

But it was still a fun moment and one we will remember for all of time.  Another modern day memory made for the wall...

Get yours too!! 


I'm stockpiling ideas to  keep my creative brain going... YOU inspire me. 



Call, text, email


call me maybe?


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The Beach We left our humble green acres and ventured yonder.  We managed to go on vacation this year! DSC_0116DSC_0116   It was fabulous.  A little sand and sea to relax the eyes and heart.  What a good time.  The kiddos had mixed feelings about it.  The ocean is pretty vast, you see... The sand... overwhelming.... and so they loved it and hated it from one moment to the next.  I am certain we made beautiful memories. 




I think the most confusing part of the whole trip for them seemed to be.."what happened to mommy's car?"  We had a rental of course... so where was the car?  "We got a new one?"  So confusing.  "Is this our new house?" 

"Will we ever go back to our real house?"




Good times.

Love those little stink pots. 

We obviously made it back to our "real" house.

I may never finish editing our vacation photos.... but I will cherish them always...and I will print them.



So... you know I have been redecorating to add these photos to a wall... What good are photos without a place to BE?  Put your memory box on the wall...


FYI...My calendar is super packed this fall.  I am booking November and December appointments....  


email me:


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Your iphone photos are in the "cloud"?? So, you take lots of pics

If you are like me.. You have your iphone aimed at your kids ALL the TIME! 

So what do you do with those images?  You have about five billion of them, right? 

Do you print them?

Be honest. 

Lord help us... they are all in the "cloud"

And my phone always says... "iphone cannot be backed up...not enough storage..." Ugggghhhh.

It makes me sad to think about how many people never print photos or they print very few.  You select the "good" ones.  Then the phone dies. We don't print as much as we used to. 

Our kids will have NOTHING to look at when they grown up!  How sad!  Remember looking through your old photos with your grandma?  With your mom?  What will you do with your digital files on your phone?  On facebook?  What if facebook dies?  Will you still have your photos somewhere?  I already have disks that cannot be read by my computer... what are you going to do when you can't read the disk?  It will happen.  The files will be corrupt eventually.  GET THEM ON PAPER!!! 


Okay.  So here's what you do:

Print them. Duh Cindy... LOL

Yeah... but where?  So, there is a company I send my iphone pics to so I can wrap them all up in one place and laugh and cry at them when I wish.  (you do it too) They are not glamorous photos.  They are grainy and many are terribly out of focus...  But they are part of our family history. 

So, I send mine to blurb. is a book company.  You can make  your book through their software or design it in Lightroom if you happen to have that software.  I like blurb.  They are great for my iphone photos.  Check them out and get your photos off of your iphone!!

There are a ton of companies you could use I am sure.  But I like to dump a ton of these hideous little photos in a book and this one allows me to do that.  The main thing to take away.. just print them.  Keep them on the only safe medium available... the tangible product.

Hook your little usb thingy to your phone and your pic folder will just magically appear.. send the blurb people to that folder and you are good to go yo!


Your disk will fail. 

Dang it.


moving on...

Important info for fall sessions:

In case you are thinking about fall photos... I am currently extremely full in October.  I will only take 1-2 more sessions for October.  I do still have a few available spots in September and November.  Crazy!! I know!  But art is fabulous in the fall!

Oh.. and a cool little light show.  My boys like to draw with flashlights for me...

Love all my peeps. 



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Girl's Day :) And what a beautiful day it was.  A bit chilly but very good nonetheless.  I enjoyed spending time with the girls.  The Shapes Dance girls were such a blast and thank you Tracey Wozny for letting me make art with your very special "team".  What a fun time!  I know these girls are super excited to see their images.  I am thrilled with what we came away with.  Here are a few from our day... Enjoy.   Thanks so much ladies :)

]]> (Cindy Harper Photography) Dance cindy harper photography photos portraits Thu, 08 May 2014 18:59:54 GMT
Mom is crazy Mom is crazy...

Just kidding.. sort of...We all have our own "crazy."  All mom's have this universal understanding.. "Yeah, it's just crazy"... thing....Yup... maybe we're all a little nutty.  We are all at different levels of crazy.  And none of us would change it for the world.  Zero pay, Zero "thank you's", on duty 24 hours a day, no breaks, no vacations, no holidays, no sick days...and we ENJOY it.   I brought my oldest boy home on Mother's Day.  What an amazing change motherhood is, right?  My boys have managed to take over most of my entire heart space.  They just moved in a took plum OVER.  I love them to pieces.  Despite the craziness.  Sometimes I have to slap myself in the face and do a little mental CPR after they try to get hit by a car or slam off of the counter top or do cart wheels off of my couch... They literally watch TV doing a head stand on the chair with their feet in the air.. naked.  Yes, you must do everything naked.  Or.. you should have your hand in your pants. They still try to plug random things into the light socket.  Every bathroom is missing several essential parts and toys are obliterated in milliseconds.  I didn't know you could dismantle a rocking elephant or bathroom fixtures at the ripe old age of almost 3 and 4.  They are taking stuff apart until they fall asleep.  But hey... I can do this... I am a mother.. and dang it I have to pull it together.   We mothers are pretty giving, helpful, selfless people.   And we deserve to show these kids OUR face every now and again.  They don't care what we look like.. they just need a picture of US with them.  They need to know we were there.  So, turn that camera around... get in the shot!! We have to prove to them that we went through this!!!  Show them how awesome you really are...  That we survived this craziness.  Show the love between the crazies.  Savor the good stuff.  Forget the bad stuff :)  

So.. in honor of mother's and all we do to make things as beautiful and as right as we know how...  A special gift:


**I am a mother...I have snakes and spiders in my bathtub and if I get up to use the bathroom at night, I have to do a double take to be sure none of them are moving.   Lord help me the day one does. 

Oh yeah... the special

Mother's Day special... This lasts all of May... 

250-digital session  or 250-with 200 product credit.

Limited sessions.   660-542-4037

Visit my contact page

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I painted my half bath Yes, I painted my half bath...

a while back...

The bath-ROOM that doesn't really have a bath.  It's not really an amazing bathroom by any stretch of the imagination but it's just a simple half bath.  Pretty basic.  So I wanted to do a little something different in there.  It had been bothering me for a while but it functioned and I was too busy to deal with it so I left it alone. 

Then it snowed.  A lot.  Remember?  When it snowed... A LOT?  And got super cold?  Yeah.. I do. 

I painted.  A lot. 

So my kids were happy because we all know how much they love to paint!

So here's something we painted...

The crazy thing is I didn't even go pick out a paint color.  I made these colors with some paint left overs I had laying around the garage and then got all crazy again and I created the paint color on the sink too.  I had a few random colors so I mixed them up until it looked about right....I had a color in my head.. I just had to make it come close.  This is why you pay attention in art class.  You can actually purchase all the mistints at Lowes and make your own stuff.  {You need to know a thing or two about paint.}  When the time is MUST paint. 

My creative outlet. Ahhhh...

Now I am trying to decide what type of art to hang... I want some pics in here that are artsy and silly.  I painted the walls a dark "greige"... as is the new term these days for gray-beige.  Used my damask stencil and faux finished using the same silver. 

So, I love home decor and I read home decor magazines and blogs when I am not reading and soaking up all things photography.  I look/drool at home decor.. and I think about home decor when I shoot photos. Yeah.. so the photos GO with your space. 

I think I may do a gold frame series in here.  I am thinking right now that I want pics of the kiddos with crazy wet bathtub hair and silly faces in black and white.  It's just what seems to be speaking to me here.   I have also considered a bright coral frame which is a very popular color trend this year.  But that may be too matchy with the coral towel.  But.. the gold is a new "old" thing that seems kind of fun against the silver wash on the walls.  I could also do a bold color in a very ornate traditional frame with a funky pic... or slim frames with matting.. oh my!  the choices.

From what I understand... dark and moody is coming back.  Black walls and a mixture of finishes like gold and silver are being used together.  You know why dark and moody colors are coming back right..?   Because  you painted everything white and airy...!! haha

Don't stress.  Gray is still on the list and doesn't seem to be going anywhere too soon. Mint and yellow are also quite popular.

So the art for this room I think needs to me a bit of a mixture of traditional and modern.  So, lifestyle- silly portraits in a more traditional frame in an non traditional color?  hmmm.  An oxymoron if you will...

So what about you?  Are you redecorating anything?  Cleaning stuff up this spring/second winter...? lol   Want to try a stencil?

Next mini session date is May 17th.  The special this summer is a 250, 350 and the 400 mini.  All include digital files.  Don't worry. I can still help you with the whole process.  I can still hold your hand and help you with your decor as well.  Mini sessions are just like a small regular session.  We've helped lots of people get some great new art for their homes :)  

We have been booking fall appointments already as well.  If you want a good spot this fall you may want to get your calendar out :)

Get on the list for a regular session which is an UH-May-zing way to make custom art!! I am all yours!!  Email me and I will send you a link to some fabulous info on regular sessions.  We can decorate your house too. 

Get those kiddos in to see us this summer.  They grow up fast.

Cya soon

Whoop whoop! 

Making art for the new season :) 







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Montana Soooo.... we got some sexy new red heifer ladies on the place.  Lookin' good on the ranch they are... Also, brought back a stud muffin ol' bull (best looking guy at the sale of course).  He is liking the pretty ladies here at the farm :) Glad to be home.  It was a loooooooong trip.  

What happened on our journey/vaca/cattle drive...?

So we listened to the rest of the Hunger Games series on disc...  Mocking Jay.  We had PLENTY of time to listen to the book.  It was really good!  We also ALMOST went to see a movie while we were gone but we were both too exhausted to go.  Yup.. that's how exciting we are.

We saw a LOT of beautiful scenery.  Totally forgot to bring my sweet camera.  But I always have my iphone :) 

We did run into some snow on the way down.  Not much.  But a little. 

The funniest thing I have ever seen was this sign in our hotel room that said there would be an extra cleaning charge added for cleaning game in our room...  haven't ever seen that extra fee before.  Didn't need it. 

I was glad to see this sign:

When we arrived the first sign we had seen for over a hundred miles was a billboard that read:  "Gotta be a McDonald's around here someplace"...  By golly I was certainly beginning to wonder.  Seriously?  I like secluded areas but this was getting crazy!  So glad to see a Mickey D's.  So we settled in to the Yogo hotel :)   Ever heard of a yogo stone?  Yup!  Montana is known for their yogo stones.  They were mined there a looong time ago but it got shut down after someone got killed there. 

Neat little town.

Then we went and looked at some cattle.








So apparently I actually have an eye for the good ones I guess.  I am the one who pointed out the little stud muffin number 30. 

UUUhhh Huh... We bought him.

So. After many hours of looking... we had a steak and went to bed.

Then we got up and looked at more cattle.




I do love them.  They are a beautiful breed.  I don't think we could have purchased a bad one.  They all looked pretty good. 

So. we took home our choice selections. 

We drove all night... all day... half the night... and made it home.  We will not discuss South Dakota and the snowy roads.

So glad to be back! 

Next mini session is May17th.  I added a special mini session option for May, June and July.  Get those kiddos in for a quick session while they are out of school and have a gorgeous summer tan :) 

Mini session info HERE

Contact me Here!


Enjoy the warmer weather :)


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A Little Somone to Warm the Heart It must be baby season!  Lot's of new babies coming to visit lately.  Love me some bay-bay-s...  This little gal had quite an entrance into this world.  I won't spill details, but let's just say several epidurals and NONE of them took.  UGH!  But look at the miracle that happened!!

What a princess.  Love her. avery0-8754 copybaby


Don't forget mini sessions on the 22nd of March. I only have one spot left.   Also, April 12th is the next mini session before Easter.  Get your Sunday best and get out for some sunshine :)  Call me 542-4037 or email avery0-8740avery0-8740

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Snow Pics... Maybe the last one this year? Hmm Miss snow angel.  OMG!  Lacey... HOLY COW!  So fun.  I had to share some of the fun I am having with these...  As tired as I have been of snow this year these make my day.  I just love a good snow session.  At a mere 14 degrees and baring some skin. 

What a gal I tell ya..  Wow. 

Lacey_9989snowLacey_9989snow Lacey_0108Lacey_0108 Lacey_9998Lacey_9998

]]> (Cindy Harper Photography) cindy harper photography pictures senior snow Mon, 10 Mar 2014 21:01:57 GMT
New Video We made a new video for my website.. My sweet kiddos helped with this project. They are so nice to their mommy :)


]]> (Cindy Harper Photography) Sun, 09 Mar 2014 00:35:31 GMT
Holy Moly Everyone chilling out...?  This cold weather is starting to become too routine.  I don't think I have worn this many sweaters for a several winters.  I know snow pics are super cool, but, my equipment doesn't like to go outside until it is a reasonable temperature... and.. well .. my fingers stop functioning after a few minutes!!   I know I will want a brief breeze of this cold air in August.. but right now... I'm frozen!  The studio is a 100 something year-old farm house and holy moly it is sucking the propane this winter!! Yowsers!  

We have managed to keep it toasty for some newborns and babies who needed to stay warm!!  Here is one lovely lady... So sweet :)  She did a fabulous job and her brother did pretty awesome too. 


We are booking for March and April.  Lot's of fun stuff planned :)  Contact me at


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