Cindy Harper Photography | FAQ



Because life is too short to let every piece of it slip away.  Because sometimes, sometimes, preserving a memory should be done well and with great intention.  The home should be a reflection of the love around you and the life that guides you.  I am an artist, photographer, and your home decor visionary.  I do not consider  myself a photographer only.  I am so much more.  The fine art path has carefully led me here and I have helped so many people achieve a stunning gallery wall they never dreamed was possible.  I can help you fill your home with art that reflects you and those you hold most dear.   


How does an all-inclusive session work?

An all-inclusive session will include a detailed portrait study of your family.  We can design and plan your session together if you need some help.  This will be a truly custom session for your family. I will work closely with you to be sure we know the color choice and ideas that we choose will go well with your home.  

You will have a product credit to purchase the products you dreamed of. 


So, do I purchase the digital files or a full gallery of framed art?  The Digital or Print debate...

That's up to you.  I have tried to call it many things but the truth is you have a product credit included with your upfront "all inclusive" fee that will allow you to purchase whatever you wish to have.  I do not wish to limit your options.  Some clients want to take the files and print as they wish because they feel very comfortable with that and they know they will get it done.  Some clients just really want to purchase a tangible product and get a show piece they can drool over for years to come.  Your digital files are included if  your wall purchase meets the minimum required amount.  The digital file option is a bonus with the custom wall purchase option.  If you know you want a beautiful wall gallery, chances are you will spend enough to get the digital access for free.  And if you don't, you will get low resolution images of whatever images you purchase in print as a digital keepsake.  


When can I see the images and how do I purchase them?

I will carefully polish your images and should have them ready for you to view in about 2-4 weeks.   They will be in a private online gallery.  You will log-in on my homepage under "client log-in" to view your images.  Use your product credit to purchase your memories.  Call Cindy to set up a custom wall consultation or to get digital access. 

Product Credit Note: You will need to let Cindy know how you would like to use your product credit.  It may NOT be transferred to other sessions or used for anything other than photo products. 



So you will help me with a custom wall?

Yes!  I love custom walls!! If you choose to create a custom wall collection you will have a gorgeous custom keepsake!!  This will  be an investment in a timeless art piece.  The wall collections are time intensive and completely custom in nature.  We will create this wall together.  At my office, I can show you the images on this amazing software that allows you to see your images on your OWN wall in your own home.  Truly amazing and incredibly helpful.  You will see the images in various sizes and we will discuss various framing options if you are interested in that.  I custom paint frames to match your decor style and your images.  I also have traditional frame options.  I like to mix and match them!  This will be something that we work together to finalize.  This service is free to you if you wish to do it.  You are welcome to purchase your professional products through our complimentary website or build a custom wall with my help.  I'm happy to assist either way!!  These are my premium boutique prints you have heard about!



Can I frame it myself?

Yes! Of course! I have people bring in frames they want me to match.  I also paint frames to go with your frames if you want.  I really am pretty easy to get along with.  



When do I get to hang it up?

If we do custom it take time.  It kind of depends on the season as well.  Frames take more time.  Frames could take over a month or a few weeks.  

If you order... online.. as long as nothing needs to be altered or fixed..(I check all of them) the online option is pretty quick. 



What about online ordering?

This is the best new feature!  I have a pro level lab that is close to what I can get for you with our in house premium prints but they are a lower price point and still a very nice option and very budget friendly.  I think they look pretty darn good and I'm impressed!  Of course the boutique prints are my fave.  I will have samples in case you want to compare. 

*If you choose a digital option or you have already purchased your boutique wall art products, then you will have an online lower price point lab as a bonus feature. 



Why is it all inclusive? 

My prop addiction fills two homes.  I have four cameras and a bag full of lenses. I have multiple lights and modifiers.  I have lots of backdrops and floors.  I have a million scarves, outfits, furniture.. software, computers, printers, insurance, pro memberships, lenses, phone, internet..and skill....oh yes! I've GOT skills.  Which also cost me money btw.  It costs me moolah to keep all of this stuff going. 

Basically, I have to have a  minimum in place in order to keep everything going.

There are so many people who start and end their photography career within a year or two and people compare those prices against other studios who have invested a great deal of time and money to get to where they are... Don't judge anyone...we are all at different stages of skill and investments.  Choose the best fit for you and your needs.  


But Cindy, What if I am not happy with my images? 

You will be... Or I will reshoot it. My goal is for you to be totally pleased!  My clients generally say they cannot believe how many images they like.  They tell me they have never liked this many images from a shoot before.  So many clients ask if I think any will "turn out?"  Pretty much ALL of my stuff "turns out" we move around simply to relax you and get you into a natural pose or to get the little unhappy one smiling.  They are generally blown away by what we end up with.  Mostly, its because I can get tiny little moments that happen before they realize it even happened.  



Can I really get the images I need in that session time?

Um..Yes.  I am telling you I have gotten really good at getting tons of images in a short time.  I've been doing this for 10 years.  And its the main reason I took off my bottom package.  I over shoot like crazy.  It used to take me more time to get great really did. I still do like to be "sure" I got it so I will never rush you if someone is not cooperating.  However, it really doesn't take me that long to get great shots and I end up with WAY too many images to cull through and edit if I spend way too much time during the session!  While I do like you to warm up a bit...continuing for hours is not necessary.  So, yes, you will get what you need as long as you remind me you brought another outfit along before we are totally finished! Kids do not do well with super long sessions and seniors can change clothes fast so it all works out.  I will tell you if I feel like I need to shoot a bit longer.  But generally.. We got it.  No need to worry.


Here's what I DO love about Pinterest:

You can find awesome outfit ideas and inspiration.  Posing in interesting and different ways is great to find.  Prop inspiration...Lighting and location concepts.  There are a ton of really cool things. But try not to be tied to them.  I love to see what you find pretty, though.  It does help me to get into your head a bit.  I start to see a pattern from what you find "Pin worthy."  So feel free to Pin and share with me.  I like to see what's in your head.  


What if my kid is sick?

Please reschedule.  Seriously, I don't want it. And honestly.. it will look like your kid is sick in your images.  We can't fake that.   I try to leave room for weather issues or sick kids so pushing it to another day is fine.  We want happy kids.  And I'm not going to make you stand in the rain for the whole shoot.  If your goal was outdoor images.. we will get good outdoor images...  Even if we need to push it back a few days.  If we can't move it due to your schedule or mine we will figure it out...but my goal is to make this a perfect shoot for you so that your art turns out great.


What if my kid is being a brat?

Seriously, people worry about this.  HAHA!  It happens.  Hello, I have kids, too, and you just never know!  It's highly possible that we will break some rules on picture day.  Please don't get too upset with them.  If they feel pressure to perform it will go downhill quickly.  I need them to be "real" so let them be kids.  Yes, I've seen it all before and actually lived through it myself so don't stress.  We try everything to make them happy.  We will take breaks if they need it.  I just want you to remain as calm as possible and let them have a chance to chill out.  I chase kids around a lot.  Do not feel bad about it at all.  We just need them to be MOSTLY pleasant... which is sometimes a PROCESS.  So don't worry about it.  It's normal.