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How does all of this work?

First, think about your home and what you want to use the images for.  Your home is a reflection of your style and your personal tastes.  I always love neutrals. I think they "travel well" over time.  I think they are gorgeous with most home decor... and I may be addicted to them!  

cindy harper tentcindy harper tent

Find a color palette that you love and that goes well with your home

Let me know your color palette and preferences.

Mix in textures.

Wear layers.

Simple is awesome.   Don't make it complicated.

I happen to love Target, Old Navy, Gap Kids. and of course ETSY! (Plain is perfect as well as all the fancy ruffles and colors! You pick!)

I have a variety of small simple outfits for kids.  Please ask and I can show  you what I have. A lot of people find they don't need to purchase anything for the kids to wear.

cindyharperprinted art_8844cindyharperprinted art_8844

Getting Ready for the Shoot:

Do NOT stress out!  I REALLY do want the kids to have fun!  And I TOTALLY know how difficult it is to chill!  I'm a mom too!   So be prepared as they may get away with a little more than they normally do and simply relax and try to have as much fun as you can!! I promise.. I have seen it all!!  Their happiness shows and that's what I am after :) 


We have the shoot!  

It all goes swell of course and we end up with a fantastic set of amazing images for you!  You CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THEM!!


Your Digital Images are Uploaded:

Your fabulous art is delivered to you in a private online gallery and you will be able to download and enjoy your images.  Save them in a million places and print professionally directly from your gallery.  You also have access to a custom design session using our studio's fabulous custom wall creation software if you so choose.  Most of our clients love our custom finishes and completely custom wall creations.  We can create something just for you too. :) 


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