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Say hello commissioned art!



The home is my happy place.  Home decor and art making are my thing.


I am your commissioned artist...Your home decor visionary.  I am a painter.  I am an art teacher.  I am a photographer who manages to do both.  I can help you create the showpiece you've been dreaming about... and capture the memory of your today for all of time.  The end is where my mind begins in this art making process.  You love the portrait wall look but you don't have time or any idea where to start.  You cherish your family and it's all just moving too quickly.  Time is slipping away.  Preserve the moments you cherish!  


"Be happy in this moment...this moment is your life."


How would you like to have some help along this journey?  This overwhelming road of choosing outfits and hammering nails into the wall...?  Deciding on a color for that wall you have wanted to paint for the past five years?  You may have no idea how to get started.  That's exactly what I am here for!  I'm not just a photographer. I'm your design consultant, your home decor visionary and your fine art mentor.  I'm more of a boutique photography studio with a distinct style and vision.  Which means you are my art, YOU are my main concern.  Fine art is my middle name.  It's not just a's an obsession.


Let's plan your session, best time of day, best outfits, and the most impressively preserved art that goes with your home and your lifestyle.  


Want to print it yourself? Okay!  Want to have a custom wall designed just for your home?  I can do that too!!  Either way...  I am here to hold your hand through this.  I'm so glad you're here.  It's all worth it.  Or at least that's what everyone says... :)    

I get it.  You are worried you won't like your images.  You will.  I know you will.  Because if you don't love your images, I will reshoot them! 




The Digital Collections

Your Commissioned Artist for Print and Digital


All-Inclusive Digital Session Details:


  • Yes, you do have a print release.  The entire gallery is yours. No tough choices. No extra fees. The whole gallery is downloadable. (There will likely be extra images in your gallery)

  • Since you pre-purchase full digital access upfront, you get discounts on every product available

  • If you decide your goal is NOT digital files we can transfer your digital option to a print gift certificate instead of digital access.  (No other coupons would apply)

  • You may get more but never less digital images from your session. You will never be rushed.     

  • All of these sessions listed are full sessions. It won't take as long to capture 35 images as it does to obtain 75 or more images. These are small, medium, and large sessions based.  


*NEW*  PRINTS: There will be a new print shop option within your online gallery!!  So excited for this new option to happen!  Now you can EASILY order value prints through an online value pro-lab print service.  You will have a print bonus to use in this gallery.  You HAVE to print your images in order to keep them safe!  Digital is NOT a safe method for preserving.  Please ask for details.  Value prints start at $8


BOUTIQUE PRINTS:  Premium boutique prints are still available with your custom wall design session.  Large custom print gift discounts are still available if you prepaid for an all-inclusive digital session.  Boutique gift style prints start at $40  


ADJUSTMENTS:  ALL images are adjusted (color balance, contrast, and light facial retouches) prior to your viewing and download.  Please let me know if something needs a touch up.  Additional or extensive edits may be applied if you should want further editing and you may be charged if it time intensive.  Extra artistic edits are automatically made before custom boutique printing and are not charged on boutique prints ordered through the studio.   


More INFO:   

Please ask about mini-session options, child only, headshots, branding, business or commercial, and pet photography.  Our studio does more.. we just don't list everything we offer!   Mini sessions book quickly and I don't always advertise a date because I end up overbooking them, so please ask or you will miss it.  I do not offer them in extreme busy seasons.  I usually choose a date on my calendar that I can have one and I do all the shoots on that day.  


Traditional Print Session Option: 

  • Maybe you don't want digital files. If a custom wall is your main goal you should try a traditional session. A traditional session has an end goal: PRINTS for the wall. 
  • To make this less confusing for all other clients please:  Contact me. 


Payment and Info:

  • Full payment due at session please.  You may pre-pay before session. Payment plans available but no online access until paid in full.   
  • What does the all-inclusive digital session fee cover?  Your payment covers my time and expenses used in the entire process of creating digital media for your use. 
  • Please inquire a month or two in advance.  I book fall sessions in spring and summer. In order to best serve my clients, I am only able to offer a limited number of sessions per month. 
  • Please note:  A 3% convenience/service fee may be added when using credit cards as it is not built into my costs. 
  • Travel fees may apply as that is also not built into my costs.



Add a session keepsake box or a session album:  

keepsakeboxcindy_3262keepsakeboxcindy_3262cindyharper keepsake box




After the session:  

  • Two to three weeks post session your I will have your images ready to view in an online private gallery.  
  • There will be a download option in your active gallery assuming all payments have been made in order to utilize the digital access options.
  • There will be a new shopping cart with value prints offered.  This is so awesome!
  • If you don't wish to download images, but would rather have print products only, you will set up an in-person ordering session to utilize a print gift voucher instead of files.  Please be sure to let me know if you are planning on a wall design so I leave enough room in my schedule. 
  • I try really hard to get these turned around quickly for you but I occasionally misjudge my workload.  THESE TAKE TIME ON THE BACK END. Please be patient with me. That's why I try to limit my sessions so that I have time to help each client.
  • PRINTS: I order my boutique prints from a custom premium lab with exquisite finishes.  Your online cart will now use a mid-level pro lab proof type option that will be closer to what I could get you from the boutique shop.  However, there are no custom sizes in that shop.


Print your stuff!!   

Please.  You just have to.  Time passes too quickly.  I feel strongly that everyone should have something printed professionally.  It is the only safe method for preserving your memories.  Your print voucher allows you to have keepsakes.  Whether I print or you do...PRINT it.  Grandma printed her stuff.  Don't let this get away from you.  It's so important.  

Prints are the ONLY safe way to preserve your images.  Digital images are NOT a preservation method.  Print everything you wish to remember. 

The new Value Lab option was added because I feel strongly that you should print your images and I need a super easy option to make sure you do. 




What Can We Create?

We can custom create archival wrapped canvas, luster sprayed pro prints, laminated  matte finished signature prints and we can even add a brushed texture for a truly painted feel. Everyone loves our prints mounted on heavy board and hanging on the wall without glass. Our custom painted frames are extremely popular as well.    



Complimentary Wall Design:

You may as well take advantage of a complete wall design concept.  It's totally free.  I want to help  you get something printed that makes you happy every time you see it.  You won't regret it.  That's why  my clients love me... We make fantastic stuff together that you just can't make anywhere else.  Frames custom painted for your decor and arranged to perfection on your own wall.  Boutique prints are premium prints from my choice lab.

No regrets. 




We can sit down together and I can show you exactly what it will look like on YOUR wall.  


The wall design consultation is a complimentary offer.  I can even text you a few different looks if you like.  My goal is to help you achieve a gorgeous look in your home. These images are meant to be used!!! 


whiteframewhiteframe cindyharperbookimage_4999cindyharperbookimage_4999



2015-12-06 20.28.26-12015-12-06 20.28.26-1


Please contact me for detailed info:  

Cindy: 660-542-4037 text or call. 



Book now or you may miss your spot!  

There are only so many weekends in a month! 


January 2018-booked.




May-almost full

June- Summer mini's coming




What about ME?

I keep getting asked....So, did I quit?  NO!! NO!! I just have fewer available spots!  I just can't work ALL my full-time hours while my kids are actually HOME!  I love photography!  It's just really hard to keep up a full weekend and late evening sessions with my children waiting.  So, I take a smaller number of sessions. But I'm still working :)


You Heard I Went Back to Teaching...?

Yes.  I've been in business for about 10 years.  It's taken me a long time to get to here.  I ran my business full-time for around 5 years before deciding the work hours I had created for myself were actually almost unbearable and causing lots of stress in my life.  Sometimes chasing your dream effects your family.  When you love what you are doing you start to forget that it may be putting a burden on everyone else... and even yourself.  Aside from the financial stress, it's really easy to work far too many hours dealing with something in your business.  While photography is most certainly a deep seeded passion of mine, it also requires a lot of after-hours type work which doesn't involve a camera and doesn't always work with a real-life-schedule.  My kids have fallen asleep next to my computer more times than I care to admit.  So.. I am excited for the new/old adventure as an art teacher! I've already invested 10 years  It seems logical. I am hoping to book fewer weekend slots (But, obviously I can't work during my daytime work schedule) as I have taken a full time art teaching position.  My kids are all in school now and I get to work where they are.... during the DAY!  Yay!  



I will ONLY be available on weekends and some evenings.  But not EVERY weekend ALL weekend like I have been.  There are only so many of them. I am attempting to spend more quality time with my growing boys!! This is going fast you guys!!  I'm missing it. 


A photographer's journey does not come without a few life costs.  I yearn to work with those who respect the time and expense involved in what I do.  


Artist by day... artist by night.... Mommy always.



Thanks for understanding!!   I appreciate your patience.







Due to the custom nature of photography and my extensive investment of time-- all sales are final.

*Prices are subject to change without notice.  




Of course, as your photographer, I own the copyright as the creator of these/your family images.  You are welcome to use them for your personal use and enjoyment but they are obviously NOT for resale to any company or any person for profit. 




Cindy Harper Photography is a proud member of National Association of Professional Child Photographers

Cindy Harper Photography is also a proud member of Professional Photographers of America

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