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Okay, I'm gonna be real.  Very real.  You may not like it. 

I am sappy.  I squeeze my kiddos and kiss them and tuck them in EVERY night.  I have to.  I want them to remember that I was there for them every single night until it gets so weird that they can't stand me tucking them in at night and squeezing them so tight and gushing over them constantly... I LOVE them.  I want them to KNOW that and to have NO doubt. EVER... That I love them. 

So you may say...

"It's not that important... it's just pictures... I have a million pictures just sitting on my phone.. or online....just get the lady down the street to take some, she got a new camera.  I can't afford to get a "look deep into my eyes shot" an art worthy shot...I'll just take some with my phone and post them to facebook.  That will last forever."

Um... it's just pictures...  It's just my wedding. It's the only way I will remember my wedding... but it's just pictures...  It's just my child's first week of life... It's just my child learning to sit up for the first time in his history.  It's just my family as they are in 2014... It's just my child when his front teeth fell out.  It's just my grandma with her grandson....

Then someday... they are all on a disk.. you can't access them because the format changed... the lady down the street lost your photos or they look like the photos on your iphone.  Then the icloud rains.

Your child is grown.  He has a new family to call his own.  Grandma is no longer here.  You lost your phone.  Facebook died... You have no memories preserved anywhere...

What's the matter?  It's just pictures?

Photos of our lives are the only looking glass we have into our past.  We take more photos than ever before and we save almost none of them.  We print even less.  You have to change this.  Digital files are an evil monster.  We have an abundance... yet we end up with nothing.  Please print your photos.  Please print the best you can afford.  Be sure to keep them boxed up in a safe place.  Your "file" that you are keeping "safe" is not safe.  It will not carry on into the future. 

While I do sell digital files... I do require a product purchase to preserve your family legacy and art in a more traditional, timeless way.  Providing lasting, archival prints is a service that not many provide any more.  I am trying my best to keep that an important part of of our history in order to help you preserve yours. 

It is just a picture.   A powerful image is a profound visual representation of a biography of a person's life in a moment.  It is art, it is your life, it is your memory of a time and moment and place.  It is an experience and an exquisite connection to the past every time your eyes devour it.  And it's worth more to you every year you own it.

I don't care who makes your photos.  Just get some made and make sure they are printed well.  You don' t have to print everything... just print something important.  If it's a big deal.  Keep it forever.