Cindy Harper Photography | price

All-Inclusive Collections:


The One Hour 595:   

175 session fee + 420 digital file edits 

(you used to buy proofs.. Maybe you left some of your favorites behind...but not anymore!  divide this by 40-50 images.  ($9 per image and you get to keep them all!)


The Two Hour 695:

200 session fee + 495 edit and preparing more files + print release.  Divide by 60+ images.  ($7 per image)



The Three Hour 895:

200 Session fee + 695 edit and prepare files.  Divide by 90+  ($7 per image) 



You used to purchase a proof book.  Now you get the files with unlimited access to printing.  It's all files or nothing with my collections.  I invest the time and energy to edit all of them so the time has already been invested.  I have multiple cameras, multiple lenses, software licenses, computers, tons of backdrops and props factored in as well.   


You will have a gift voucher to utilize if you choose to do that.  You get a discount on your custom wall orders: 


Gift Vouchers:  -200 on the 595 collection, -300 on the 695 collection and -500 on the 895 collection.  


I have tried so many methods for pricing my work, but the end result has to be that I cover expenses and pay myself a fee to create them.  With the huge demand for digital access I feel this is the best viable business option for my work.


Thanks!    Cindy