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The Shabby Chic Farmhouse

I have three studios.

The coolest by far is a vintage BRICK FARMHOUSE STUDIO located on a our cattle ranch in the rolling hills of the Midwest.  The home is a fair weather/natural light studio and is a dream to photograph in.  There are so many gorgeous nooks in this home!  I happen to also have a serious love of home decor so my addiction to all things beautiful spills over into my "homes".   


Yes, I have two homes to play with... A dream and a nightmare at the same time :) Don't freak out though.. this old house is home to many many flies.    I have given up keeping it super clean.. It is what it is.  It is a "shell" for our photographing pleasure.. not where I reside... so be prepared for non-perfection in the cleaning department.  I can barely keep up with one.  But.. it's SOOO cool!  


The second studio, and, equally awesome location, is at my fabulous HOME STUDIO next door!! Yes... Kind of confusing... but one has my lighting equipment, backdrops, and temperature control.... and the other just has good 'ol walls and real, honest-to-goodness farmhouse charm.  We use both.  So, when we decide WHAT we are creating just for you... then we will decide where to go!  In the winter I usually use my HOME studio and in the spring and summer and fall I tend to use the FARMHOUSE.   If it's too hot or too cold I go to my HOME studio. 


And the third fabulous location is our OUTDOOR STUDIO and it is what used to be referred to as the gorgeous "Harper Park," where we have added lots of fun simple props to use all in one place.  We can surely find a perfect spot just for you on our 1,500 acre cattle farm!!  Welcome home.  Let's make art.  


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Each studio location will make you feel right at home.  I can't wait to make something just for you! See you soon!