Cindy Harper Photography | thebottompackage

Where did the bottom package go? 

Okay.. I get it.  Some of you have gotten in on this amazing one hour package and it was a great deal.  The PROBLEM is this:  I am psycho and I take WAY too many images during our small session and then I edit WAY too many images compared to what I get paid for to do.  I feel terrible cutting it all back to 20 after I take so many good ones.  It is practically IMPOSSIBLE for me to only give 20 images even with a mini session.  SO.. I had to take off my bottom all inclusive package for now.  I may bring it back in the spring in some form but honestly it's been WAY more popular than I even have TIME for!  Sorry!  I will have to keep the minimum package at a happier place time wise. I don't have time to edit that many images at that price point. Sorry!