Cindy Harper Photography | welcomevideo

Hello and welcome to our little piece of the world!  I'm glad you came.  I want to capture your ordinary in an extraordinary way.  Come along with me on this journey that showcases your life, your story, your everyday.  Imagine what we can do together! 




We made a magazine cover image :)  Yay!  How exciting!  A family I photographed in the snow made the cover of Natural Life Magazine. 



Life is an artful adventure… It’s a daily change we strive fervently to capture.  Yet, memories are all that remain.  A photograph is the only spark… the only way to remember the moment; a memento to share with our children…our grandchildren.  It is a storybook.  It is a looking glass linked to the past…a priceless tool. Print your photos. Eat some ice-cream. Tell stories to your children…Because life changes so quickly. 

Photographs tell people who we are, where we’ve been, our emotional state, our successes and failures; our excitement and disappointment…a transition toward us.  

Let’s fill your home with an art piece beautiful enough to love forever, real enough to gather emotion, and worthy enough to share with others.